Living your way by Marcus Ling

July 26, 2017

The millennial generation is quickly becoming a massive chunk of the population and in fact account for around 20% of all Australians. This portion of the countries people is coming to an age where they are beginning their Aussie dream of buying their first home and possibly starting a family. Because of this a huge part of the furniture buying pie is taken by the millennials which is now starting to force furniture makers and designers the world over to cater to the wants and needs of such buyers. This demographic is highly design conscious, not wanting to compromise on style and are well informed consumers. With the uptick of home reno TV shows there is  a rise in more requests for custom made modern design that can still serve as a connection piece to their home and family. . Furniture in the home is something that can show a person or families uniqueness and individuality. Less and less do you see a family heir loom cabinet or desk being passed down, instead the 18-34yo brigade are wanting to make their own story with furniture that they have researched, possibly designed themselves and then decided on

Millennials whether for the living room, dining or bedroom want style but tasteful style, nothing that looks fussy or too out there. Most pieces appearing now have clean strong lines that look beautiful from any angle. With a housing industry that is making bolder and more striking choices for home design every day comes a need for more modern furniture to suit those buyers and there are a plethora of options for customers in basically any look they want and need.

In terms of colours there is a massive push towards clean and neutral that can then be made to pop with the help of things like scatter cushions and throw rugs in bright, vibrant shades that imply youth and energy. Gone are the crushed velvet sofas and huge wood grain laminate TV cabinets of decades ago even the dark chocolates and cappuccino colours of a few years ago, replaced by clean, fresh, highly functional and sleeker designs that sing ” I am elegant, I am modern and I am yours”.

Obviously there is a trade off to this design of modern furniture, that they only work in a modern interior of your home. I for one have changed the interior of my home three times in six years(about to undergo a fourth and the biggest interior change so far) just to match in with new furniture choices my wife and I have purchased. So while we did not necessarily start with a clean and fresh interior we certainly liked the end results each time.

Personally I cannot wait to see the new styles and designs that will grace our stores in five or ten years time but for now I am excited to see the fresh styles and designs showing up on our showroom floor every day right now.

“Have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”. William Morris, textile designer, poet and novelist.

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