Our Great Deals Every Day are just the start…

No commissions

Our staff don’t earn commission and or split our store into departments. We’ll ask the right questions to find out which product best suits you, not what earns us a bonus.

Locally owned

We’re a Tasmanian business through and through. All of our staff live and work in Northern Tasmania, including our delivery team who are all Begents staff too rather than outsourced deliveries.

Trade Seconds

In our Launceston store we play host to the famous ‘Trade Seconds’ section. The items in here aren’t just from our store, they’re stock that might have slight damage, be a wrong order or end of model from a whole range of different stores including the nationals! You’ll save up to 70% in these sales!

Take it home today

We carry a huge amount of stock, so the odds are if you love it, you can take it home today!

National Buying Power

We may be local but that doesn’t mean high prices! In fact we’re part of a national buying group which allows us to get very sharp pricing and grab great deals to pass on to our customers.